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5 Legendary NYC Chefs


Some of the world’s most talented people flock to New York City to pursue their dreams, and culinary masters are no exception. Not surprisingly, the Big Apple is home to some of the world’s most preeminent chefs. That’s been the case for many years, but there are undoubtedly more culinary visionaries in America’s biggest city

Top Cult NYC Restaurants


Are you ready to give your taste buds a tour of New York City? The foodie revolution of the past decade has birthed some of the most interesting (and delicious) eateries to ever call the city home. S’MAC This is not your mother’s macaroni and cheese. The East Village has become the ultimate spot to

The Best Restaurant Scenes in NYC

Photo: Guian Bolisay

New York City offers one of the most exciting, vibrant and diversified restaurant scenes in the world. Whether diners prefer a memorable experience at a world-class establishment, a tasty meal at a more casual restaurant or convenient service from an excellent takeout spot, they will find everything they desire in the New York City restaurant

What Is a Chef’s Job Interview Like?


A job interview for a chef’s job requires some serious research and preparation especially for head chef positions, all the way down to line cooks. Savvy owners and managers are looking for sympathetic candidates who fit the restaurant’s culture and business plan but still bring special qualities to the mix. A good example of a

A Few Cooking Celebrities Who Can Really Cook


Reality shows featuring celebrities usually fall into the category of useless escapism, but not so with programs based on cooking – these have practical value to those watching. While there are many celebrity chefs to choose from, some are arguably a cut above the rest, earning respect among their peers, accolades and rave restaurant reviews.