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We Have Arrived

Jason and Julie

Hi there.

Get comfortable. Take a seat. We are Julie, Jason and Emily and we are EatDrinkJobs. We are passionate about a few things: great food, great drinks, good people, and getting those people food and drink jobs.

EatDrinkJobs is a website for qualified, recommended employees in the restaurant industry. We’re the conversation starters. Job seekers create profiles that include a recommendation from a former colleague, instructor, or manager that can attest to their skills. If you’re a restaurant owner or employer – boom – you use our site to connect with a wide pool of qualified applicants, who come recommended by another professional. The best jobs for the best people. Win-win, right?

EatDrinkJobs (or EDJ as we like to call it, because we work here and can make those decisions) is the brain-child of professional foodie Julie Lerner and tech nerd Jason Miller.

Julie is a French Culinary Institute alum and a world-traveling food and wine connoisseur. After completing degrees at Northwestern and the French Culinary Institute, Julie chased her passion for food to France to study at the Bordeaux Ecole de Management. She received an MBA and worked in the New York restaurant industry for over 10 years.

Jason had quite the opposite journey. Jason is an Engineering Computer Science major, turned software consultant, turned food geek (he’s really just in it for the eating). Jason is passionate about people and job placement.

Julie and Jason go way back; they met while building beehives as part of a “Big Ten Day” city beautification project through New York Cares (editor’s note: yes, building beehives, you read that right). The rest is history.

Wait, no it’s not! After months of planning and strategizing (and eating), Jason and Julie managed to smooth out the details of where their passions and expertise aligned: eating, drinking and jobbing. Our goal at EatDrinkJobs is to repair the disconnect that sites like (cough) Craigslist (cough) foster through virtually zero standards of service to their applicants. Do you want to be another name in a pile of 1,000 applications? We didn’t think so.

As we preheat the proverbial oven on this venture, we want to always stress that we are here for our users to facilitate and engage in constructive dialogue. That’s what sets us apart. That’s why we’re here. We are EatDrinkJobs. Welcome to the conversation…

The EDJ Team